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America’s top golf instructor of both professionals and amateurs, Jim Flick died of pancreatic cancer and kidney problems in Carlsbad, on Monday. He was 82.
“Work was his passion,” said his wife, Geri. “On October 8 he taught the last lesson.”
Flick had advised more than 200 professionals and various corporate groups and many weekend warriors.
In addition to the expansive teaching program with the several published books about golf, Flick questioned some perfectionist inclinations of the devotees that include focus on scientific swing analysis and muscle building.
Regarding his view towards the golf clubs who should give emphasis on the body, he told in an interview “Most of the golf academies taught the kids to give emphasis on the body movements first and leave the right way to hold the club on assumption which doesn’t work properly. The priority should be given to the club first then the body movement will automatically follow.”
Flick watched quietly many of Jack Nicklaus’s sessions with Coach Jack Grout, who expired on 1989. When Nicklaus started struggling on the senior tour, his first tournament he sought Flick’s help.
“Once, walking down the fairway I asked ‘Well, Jim you have seen how Jack Grout taught me and also watched my last 9 holes. So what’s your opinion?’ Jim in reply told “well, I can’t see Jack Nicklaus.’ At that time I didn’t understand what he wanted to tell.”
“Then he took me to the tee and showed what he meant. He pointed out that I am not using my club and my legs, only focused on my hips. He worked on a number of things which resulted in my victory in that tournament. Thanks to Jim that I played well that week which I was not able to do till den.”
The two also did business together and ran Nicklaus-Flick schools from 1991-2003. Golf schools for ESPN and Golf Digest were also ran by him. Golf World listed him in the century’s top 10 teachers in 1999.
On November 17, 1929, James Myron Flick was born in Bedford.
Besides his wife, a daughter, Jan Guynn; stepdaughters, Kimberly Hubbard, Victoria Smith and Suzanne Youngquist; nine grandchildren; two great grandchildren are alive.
For 12 years, Tom Lehmann, who won the 1996 British Open was Flick’s student. “He taught that not only swing mechanics but also self-confidence is required for golf. ‘Remember what you are, remember what you can do, I have faith in you, so go have faith in yourself’ these are his immortal words,” Lehman told in an interview.

Manchester United scored in the last 10 minutes to beat SC Braga. It was a disappointing night for Braga in front of their home supporters to go empty handed after being ahead of Manchester United till the 80th minute.
Manchester came back from behind to score three goals in the last 10 minutes to win the match by 3-1 margin.
The dejected Braga coach, Jose Peseiro said after the match that, “It is a lesson. Against a high quality team Manchester any mistake is punished.” He also added, “We wanted to win the match and we do not deserve this result.”
Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie scored in the last ten minutes to secure 3 points for Manchester United. The victory took Manchester at the top of Group H.
The three times champions of the most prestigious European leagues, the UEFA Champions League showed their character and class in the difficult phase of the match to leave the ground with victory written on their back.
In the previous encounter between these two teams, the Red Devils were trailing by two goals, which they eventually won 3-2, and almost the same old story was repeated in this match also.
Braga made their intentions very clear from the kick off that they would play for full points from the match and went for an attacking play. Manchester too did not stayed back and continuously attacked the opponent box in search of a goal.
But, the first half ended goalless with neither of the teams scoring in the first 45 minutes.
The second half had an interesting start when Custodio of Braga was fouled in the box by J.Evans and the referee had no hesitation in awarding penalty in favor Braga.
Unlike last time it was Alan again, who scored in the 49th minute from the spot kick and gave some reasons for the home supporters to cheer.
The goal was followed by a substitution and Rio Ferdinand came in for J. Evans in the 57th minute.
The match was going to be Braga’s way before Robin Van Persie scored the equalizer for Manchester in the 80th minute. Van Persie showed his class once again and proved that he deserve to play in highly contested European leagues such as the Champions league.
In the 84th minute United got a penalty and Ronney made no mistake in converting it. With few seconds from the final whistle Hernandez scored in the 92nd minute to make the score line 3-1 in favor of Manchester United.

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